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Deo Gratias parenteral features a very strong emphasis on employee development and learning. It’s a business imperative to confirm our employees are learning and growing to help meet the requirements of our customers. Our job is to make sure employees can identify what they need to find out, provide the correct resources, and make learning accessible and relevant. With the correct elements in place, we have a tendency to taps into the cultural disposition for learning and applies it to leadership and management development.

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We are the manufacturer and wholesalers of Small volume Parenterals pharma products specially expertise in WFI|SWFI|SWFR|SALINE|Dextrose Inj.


Sterile Water For Injection, IP/BP/USP, a sterile version of water for injection which is used for making solutions that will be given by injection.


Sterile Water For Reconstitution, IP/BP/USP, of dry syrup, a sterile version of water which is used for making oral solutions specially antibiotics.


Sodium Chloride Injection, IP/BP/USP is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution for fluid and electrolyte replenishment in single dose containers for intravenous administration. It contains no antimicrobial agents.


Dextrose (hydrous dextrose) Injection, IP/BP/USP is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution for fluid replenishment and caloric supply in single dose containers for intravenous administration.

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Innovation in FFS Technology: Form Fill Seal (FFS) Bagging Innovation

At Deo Gratias Parenteral, we have designed and developed a unique form-fill-seal procedure This moulds polyethylene polymer containers, fills them aseptically and performs hermetic sealing of the containers as part of a single, sequential operation. The FFS (FORM FILL SEAL) aseptic machine is equipped with an integrated clean room modular design; here we maintain class conditions, prevent cross-contamination and avoid mix-ups. Man and material flow is designed to be linear and easy to follow. Filling and sealing processes are performed in Class 100 conditions that are achieved through the validated use of Laminar Air Flow units, all the processes fulfill GMP norms.

Key features includes:

  • Hands free Fully Automatic Manufacturing Process.
  • A.F.F.S for Terminal Sterilization.
  • Pressure vessels, Solution preparation tanks from reputed suppliers.
  • Vacuum Leak Test Machine.
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Having utilized the administrations of Deo Gratias Parenteral for a long time I can affirm that we have delighted in an extremely fruitful business relationship. Continually exhibiting adaptability as far as the administrations they can give close by a genuinely proficient and proactive way to deal with how we take a shot at an everyday premise. Their way to deal with taking care of our items in the channels through their sales, marketing and conveyance team has been praiseworthy.

We warmly underwrite the part Deo Gratias Parenteral plays in dealing with our export supplies. They have dependably been a joy to manage and connect with and they surely are great at what they do. There is something one of a kind about the organization that to us is critical and this is one reason we have picked them to be our merchant for items outside India, a choice that was not messed with. Together, we intend to include numerous more items into the healing facility field.